MISTY MEADOWS MERCEDES 01/18/98 TO 12/28/2009
We have been very lucky to have our golden friends, we have lost one our goldens.
We had to let our Mercedes go to the bridge today. We will miss you greatly.
In our hearts forever.
Kodie 07/25/1997 to 03/23/2010
My best friend Kodie was lost to cancer today. He was my first golden and my obedience dog.
He had storm phobia and had to be by my side, I know when I hear the thunder I will think of him. His love was unconditonal and he will be forever in my heart. Not a day goes by
without him entering my thoughts. He was lost so suddenly, within hours he went from
being at my side to being in severe distress, I barely had time to say goodbye.
Zolitia’s Misty Meadows Ace
ACE 10/24/1999 to 05/24/2010
Ace left us today to go to the bridge with his best friend Mercedes. They were kennel mates and spent every day together. Ace lived to retrieve, tennis balls was his favorite, I hope he is running through fields retrieving now. Ace was always willing to do all that was asked of him. Although we watched him go down hill for many months the time to say goodbye never seemed right. Ace you are in our thoughts and we have to say goodbye now.
Golden Star Nikita
06/17/97 to 01/07/2011
Niki joined her best friend Kodie at the bridge today. She was our very first Golden. Lisa
purchased her with money she had received for graduation. She was Lisa’s obedience dog
and would have done anything for her. She was all a golden should be and will be sadly missed. You will be in our thoughts forever, I hope you and Kodie are running in the field as
you did when you were with us. Goodbye sweet girl we love you.
Misty Meadows Top Gunn
07/26/2000 to 12/20/2012
Gunner was the first dog we kept from any of our breedings, he was the foundation for our lines. What do you say about a dog that taught us what a Golden should be? He ruled our house and all dogs who lived there with a gentle paw. Those are going to be big paw prints for anyone to fill. He loved to walk in the woods with us and was by our side for so many years it is hard to think of life without him. He gave his offspring so many of the wonderful traits he had, he was Sierra’s father, and Blazes Grandfather, he will live on thru his children. He is missed greatly by all who knew him very well.
Aerial’s New York Minute
March 5, 2003 to January 18, 2013
Spirit had a big personality, she loved to please us. She always met us with a wagging tail and head in our laps. She is the mother to Xtra who is producing puppies with the same spirit as there grandmother. She went very quickly we did not supect there was anything wrong with her. She will be missed.
Misty Meadows Skyheaven Star
November 24, 2000 to February 22, 2013
Star was our puppy raiser, she would teach them what they needed to know to be wonderful pets. Her and Gunner were in our house for so many years it seems empty without them. Star hated me being on the computer, she would leave the room when I was on it, that was the only time she was not by my side. Although she was not doing well for months, she waited for me to come back from Florida like I asked before we had to say goodbye. She was Sierra’s mom and grandmother to Blaze. She got along with everyone she met. Her, like Gunner has left a big empty spot in our home. We love you sweet girl and miss you.