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  1. Hi. My name is Lisa and I was wondering if you have any male puppies available? I lost my my boy in 2013 and I am looking for another golden friend!

  2. we are interested in a male puppy when you have another litter, I spoke with you this morning, Jan 25,2018.We had a puppy from you before that lived to be 13yrs old. Very sad with his passing.

  3. So sorry to hear of Calvin’s passing! Looking forward to helping you find another friend to love!!

  4. Hello,
    hey friends juts wanted to how was your day? and need to know can i discuss about other topics here? the site seem’s great so just need some help and guidance.

  5. We will be ready to welcome a female golden into our home the end of summer…please let us know when you have a litter near that time.

  6. I can not find the dogs who were bred. Is there a waiting list I need to be put on?

  7. Nice chatting with you Diane. Looking forward to receiving my application so I can be on the list for your next open girl puppy.

  8. My husband and I have been very blesses to purchase 3 wonderful bundles of joy through the years. Our first was an offspring from Rose (Lexy-passed), our 2nd was from Gunner (Chloe-recently passed) and our beautiful Lou Lou who I can’t remember what litter she is from. She is now 7 years old and is missing her playmate. We are thinking about another one sometime in spring. We would be interested in females only. Please keep us in mind this spring 2019.

    Michelle and Mike Stasko (Aurora)

  9. Hi we AR looking for golden puppy we were interested in seeing if you had any puppies available we lost our Golden’s 1 in October and other one January 11th from cancer Davis was our first one to go he was our red golden and Captain Jack Sparrow died of a broken heart

  10. I’m very interested in a male puppy from the next litter(s) due in July. I would love to come and visit your current golden retrievers 🙂

  11. I am interested in a male golden puppy-lost my boy Rudy 2 years ago and ready to be a Mama again.
    Do you have any information for me as to how much of a deposit and how much you charge for pup’s? Who mom and dad are?
    I lost my mom this year and my rescue too. I’m feeling a little lost 🙂 thanks for bringing me new purpose again if you have a litter available!

  12. Just found your amazing site tonight! With your equally amazing dogs! We lost our Golden 6 weeks ago. Not quite ready yet, he left such a big hole in our lives when he left. But would it be ok if we came to see your wonderful kennel? I am sure you would appreciate an appointment,that would be fine.

  13. We recently list our beloved golden and are looking into getting another one, male preferably. Just checking to see if you have any puppies available or when you have plans for another litter.

  14. Hi! Talked to you earlier this summer. Anxious to see if any puppies coming this winter that would be available?!!! Can’t wait to see a contract if possible also!!

  15. Hello my name is Alexis. I had some questions about your puppies. I’m not quite ready to get a puppy but I understand it is hard to find a golden retriever.

  16. Hello

    We are interested in your next litter if possible. Could we chat and is it possible to get an application? Thank you we are so very excited.

  17. We just lost our beloved Gracie. She was 13 and was from the litter of Gunner and Spirit (2007). She loved her walks in the park (twice a day!) and was a wonderful addition to our family. My husband and I will definitely miss her! We are retired and not sure we can deal with puppy stage again, but hoping we can find another young golden friend. We loved Gracie so much.

  18. Hi Misty Meadows, I know of someone who did purchase a puppy from you. She is adorable. In the last year, two of our dogs passed on, our border collie last June and in January we lost our Golden Retriever. She was 14 years old. We have had 4 golden retrievers and we just love the breed. It looks like you may be having some puppies this year despite the covid virus. We would be very interested in knowing more about your puppies; availability, color, characteristics, hips, eyes etc, and cost. Can you please contact me via email with any details you can provide. Thank you, Debbie

  19. One of your pups named Waffles lives near my work in Chicago and he is the greatest dogs ever. My husband and I just lost our golden retriever in January and we will definitely be putting her name on the wait list.

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